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Clemens August Graf von Galen and the Jewish Underground, by Countess Sigrid von Galen

Clemens August Graf von Galen and the Jewish Underground, 
by Countess Sigrid von Galen
Very little has found its way to the public about Clemens August Graf von Galen and his secret support, not just in prayer, of the Jewish underground.
And it might be good that way, as he and his friends knew that even after the end of the horrible WWII and the emerging of the true dimensions of the Holocaust, the betrayal of the underground was and is still ongoing.
The still living perpetrators were either given new identities and shelter in other countries, where they continued their fascist Empire ambitions and raised in expectation of a new rise of the old spiderwebs one day new generations of self-styled 'superior beings'.
Clemens August von Galen was even asked by his Jewish friends,  not to speak out on their behalf for fear of repercussions and even more retaliation.

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